Jillian Deschenes, Lana MacNaughton and Melissa Paris complete first training session

After a long hiatus, the female participants of Royal Enfield’s BUILD TRAIN RACE (BTR) program spent two days working closely with American Flat Track racer Johnny Lewis in Viola, WI earlier this month. Three out of the four builders/riders attended the training session to prepare for their American Flat Track debut in October. During this session each rider received one-on-one coaching from Lewis spinning laps on the FT411 training motorcycles based on the Royal Enfield Himalayan and their custom-built INT 650 flat trackers.


“这是伟大的,终于遇见心仪的BUILD TRAIN RACE程序的女士们,我们在紫百合有一个真棒时间,”刘易斯说。“眼看着奉献精神和对细节的关注,他们把到他们的INT 650构建令人印象深刻。什么是更令人印象深刻是他们愿意学习,并渴望从一开始去走快权利。通过将两个一天结束时每位车手使用我们讨论的技术,推动自己的速度越来越快,这是我最终的目标师“。

Lewis provided both on-track and off-track instruction to the ladies, using many principles and concepts taught in the Royal Enfield Slide School by Moto Anatomy program. Lewis focused on body position, riding mechanics and vision with ladies for two days. With the FT411 motorcycles, the women were able to familiarize themselves with the track conditions and received vital feedback from Lewis on their riding technique. Eventually, they transitioned to the larger and more powerful INT 650 builds on day two. Lewis was also able to shakedown each individual’s motorcycle and provided input regarding setup adjustments to improve ride-ability and performance.

“这是伟大的赛道花时间与BTR女士们,看到自己的进步,” Breeann波兰说,营销美洲的领先优势。“拥有一个像约翰尼的合作伙伴提供培训和洞察力一直是一个伟大的除了程序。看到他与每一个车手的工作和发展他们在为期两天的会议信心和技能是令人兴奋的。我很期待接下来的时间我们都在轨道上再度合作。”

Using SENA communication devices on day two, also a component of Royal Enfield’s Slide School program, Lewis provided coaching to the riders while at speed, giving precise direction on braking, cornering and more as they completed laps. After the conclusion of the two day training, all three ladies were comfortable riding aggressively at speed on their INT 650s, setting the stage for close racing when they line up for the first time in October.

首次参展的BUILD TRAIN RACE们会在轨道上是10月2-3日在迪克西赛道作为美国田径扁计划的一部分。beplay登录不了继该事件,他们将随后在代托纳比奇平场地赛于10月15-16日。

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拉娜麦乐端 - “我被激起来的工作与约翰尼和提高我的能力,作为一个车手。作为一个新手平坦赛道车手,我知道我有很多东西需要学习。与约翰尼的教练,并在轨道与吉利安和Melissa花时间,我能得到舒适,真正专注于提高我的技术和速度。

Jillian Deschenes – “When I heard we would be working with Johnny I was thrilled. As an amateur racer I try and learn as much as I can. Working with a rider of Johnny’s caliber isn’t an opportunity you get often, so to receive his feedback was awesome. His input was invaluable and I was able to make some small changes that helped me get more comfortable on the INT 650.”

梅丽莎巴黎 - “我的大部分扁平的轨道的经验是在较小的摩托车,我很少得到尽可能多轨道的时刻,我们做到了。具有速度牧场对自己两天与约翰尼和其他BTR女士们是如此多的乐趣。它也验证把一些真实的圈对我的INT 650,其表现非常出色。”

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