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“专业。不偏不倚。质量首屈一指。拥有3亿读者和19年的在线经验,我们已经建立了一个坚实的,值得信赖和可靠的声誉。道达尔摩托车是您的自行车,齿轮,产品和配件审查,意见和意见的目的地。Total Motorcycle–由骑手为骑手打造。”beplay登录

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of products, gear and motorcycles does Total Motorcycle review?


让Total Motorcycle审查我的产品需要多少钱?beplay登录


What are Total Motorcycle’s professional review standards?

Total Motorcycle’s mantra has always been “Friendly, Helpful, Useful and Unbiased”, we endeavor to take the time necessary to thoroughly review a product and/or motorcycle and deliver our reviews in the most professional and unbiased manner. This is why our reviews take a little longer, quality takes time. We will keep you updated along the way and make sure to ask you any questions we have about your product(s) so there is no guess work.



What about Motorcycle Shows, Motorcycle Events, Motorcycle Rallies?

If you have a Motorcycle Show, Motorcycle Event or Motorcycle Rally happening, let us know. Total Motorcycle will do our very best to cover it no matter where in the world it is. We require some heads up notice though as coverage of your event may require the booking of flights, hotels and rental cars.

How long does it take to have a review published?


  • 评审员收到所有产品后,将开始评审。
  • 4周用于评审、评估和产品测试以及反复提问。
  • 1 week to create and write the review including any video production.
  • 最终编辑和审查1周。
  • Review is posted live on our website, across our 11 social media channels and included in our RSS news feed.

All times are subject to weather, products currently in queue/under review and staff safety.

Who will read the review?

Total Motorcycle has over 300 million readers and has been online since 1999. We have 11 active Social Media Channels, 45,000 subscribers, an active forum and a daily updated website. In fact, we are older than Facebook and started when Google was just a Giggle! Our brand reputation is second to none and we have built loyalty and trust in our readers; they know if we recommend it, then it is good.

I would like to have my product(s) review by Total Motorcycle, how do I contact you?

精彩的。我们很乐意听到你的消息并开始安排!Shoot us an emaildon’t forget to include a subject or we won’t know what it is for.

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