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Writing about motorcycle footwear reminds me of a comment I once read in an old thread here on TMW. It was a debate between an ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time) advocate and a less cautious rider. The insightful final comment from the ATGATT proponent made me really think. He said, “never forget that the natural position for a motorcycle is laying on it’s side”. Those words have stuck with me. No matter what you ride or how you ride, you have to stop sometime. When you do, your feet will be what’s holding everything up, so you really need reliable footwear. Indian Motorcycle gave us the opportunity to put their Mesh Hi-Top Sneakers down on the hot summer asphalt here in Utah and see how they hold up. Read on to find out what we thought.


审查由: Eric Leverton.
Review Dates: 2018年8月10日 - 2018年9月7日
价格如上所测试: $ 119.99美元
测试: 2009年beplay登录川崎五款650


If you’ve read my other Indian Round-up articles already, you probably noticed the other two didn’t start with an overview. This one does. Why? Well, it’s simple. An装甲夹克and硬化手套是摩托车齿轮的标准操作程序,但在右边的人群中,运动鞋会抬起一些眉毛。所以我认为我需要扔进快速底漆。

I myself am not strictly an ATGATT rider, more like AATGAATT (you’ll figure it out), but I’ve never compromised on footwear. Solid boots with thick soles, every ride, every time, from day one. The Mesh Hi-Top Sneakers is the first time I’ve ever deviated from that ethos, so I really came into this review with some caution and maybe a little superstition. I made the jump from cruisers to ADV/Sport riding a couple of years ago, and whether it’s form following function or the other way ’round, that jump can make some changes in your wardrobe. This was one of them, and it was time. So let’s get into it.


在印度摩托车的这种装备中,我妻子和我审查的所有碎片都是非常经典的风格。网眼Hi-Top运动鞋也是这方面的偏差。他们是完全现代的。宽圆形脚趾,管脚踝,高对比度鞋底和扁平鞋带。这些潜行不会在一群20人中看不合适,等待在线等待着想象的龙。现代,时尚,帅气,这些鞋子看起来就像骑自行车一样好。他们不会在正式活动中传递集合,但在其他任何地方都很酷,优雅就足够了。古董银色孔眼和鞋跟上的雅致,小印度标志是分解基本黑色的唯一功能 - 除了明亮的白色唯一唯一的唯一唯一的唯一功能。



There really isn’t much to say about how the Mesh Hi-Top Sneakers fit. I wear a US 10 in Men’s, so I ordered these to accommodate and they fit very well. They’re one of the only pairs of shoes I’ve ever owned that didn’t raise at least one blister during break-in too. The flat laces offer a very secure cinch, and they don’t work themselves loose like round laces can.


With shoes, fit and feel can sometimes be almost the same thing. The Mesh Hi-Top Sneakers are comfortable, supportive, and incredibly lightweight. I have some boots that start to feel like jogging weights after ten blocks in the city, but not these. I don’t experience any leg fatigue from hauling them up from the asphalt over and over, not even in stop-and-go in downtown Salt Lake City. Despite their light feel, though, these shoes feel very solid under you. The Vibram soles have a very dense, rigid feel to them. They almost feel like wooden soles on certain surfaces, and add a very authoritative clack to your step. They’re also non-slip and offer just a ton of traction, they don’t slip around on my pegs at all.






These sneakers are also impressively durable where it counts. Thick leather covers the toe and instep, providing a dependable surface for your shift lever. They’ve never taken a gouge or scuff from my lever either, very impressive given the amount of miles I’ve ridden in them. I’ve also worn them on days I don’t ride. Family parties, staff meetings at work, grocery shopping, and everything else, I’ve worn them almost every day since receiving them. They’re not clean anymore, not by a long shot, but they’re not showing any wear and tear at all.





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