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Yamaha Motor Europe is proud to honour Yamaha’s 65th Anniversary on 1st July.



beplay登录不了雅马哈的标志性产品,从其market-definingDT-1 and innovative YZ250, to the high performance R1 Supersport bikes, from the very first outboard engine P-7, to the powerful F425A XTO, and from the resilient Grizzly 700 EPS ATV to the innovative Side-by-Side YXZ1000R models. Although this section will still expand in coming months, visitors are already able to enjoy Yamaha’s seminal range of European models, which changed the markets they were built for.





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Our Foundation


1937年7月,他是第二次川上加入日本Gakki公司。He quickly rose to position of manager of the company’s Tenryu Factory Company (musical instruments) and then Senior General Manager, before assuming the position of fourth-generation President in 1950 at the young age of 38. In 1953, Genichi was looking for a way to make use of idle machining equipment that had previously been used to make aircraft propellers.



Challenge and Make it The Very Best

为了挑战已经在我们的DNA从根基我们公司的。beplay登录不了雅马哈65年创新,激情与灵感的真正的新的现有摩托车业务上的区别,因为我们是在那个时候,我们必须证明自己。为了确保媒体,客户和其他球员在产业占雅马哈严重的是,我们把我们所有的努力进入准备YA-1赢得第三富士山的Ascent赛,所发生仅一个星期后,雅马哈beplay登录不了正式在1日成立1955年7月!beplay登录不了雅马哈车手冈田照雄赢得了那场比赛。此外,六个YA-1车手在那场比赛的前十名完成。下一场比赛 - 第一浅间高地赛 - 四个月后。还有,雅马哈拿beplay登录不了了1在125cc组级的第4位和赢取在第二浅间山高地赛125cc组和250cc组比赛类在1957年的YA-1的优异的性能和质量,而且对“never-放弃的”态度说服了他们所有的雅马哈是一个有力的竞争者,这是要考虑的。beplay登录不了



Iconic Products

1960-1969 -beplay登录不了 雅马哈65年创新,激情与启示

DT-1’s development was initiated after receiving information that road sports bikes did not sell very well, but what was gaining in popularity were models that could be freely ridden; not only on public roads, but also through meadows and in the mountains. This led Yamaha to try building such a type of motorcycle for the first time. The idea of a new type of motorcycle that would combine the features of both motocross and trial bikes and could be ridden on normal roads and off-road had puzzled the development and testing manager at Yamaha’s headquarters.

However, it was precisely that innovation that built the success of the DT-1. The model became such a major seller, moving at a rate of 500–600 units a month, that it practically created the market for trail bikes, which became a major category of motorcycles.

的DT-1是一个250cc的单缸模型。To make it suitable for a mass-production model, the DT-1’s engine was a redesign based on the Yamaha YX26’s, a true motocross bike that had won the All-Japan Motocross Championship in May 1967. Following its ‘mother’ model, the bore x stroke of the DT-1 was the same 70 mm × 64 mm. For the frame, high-tensile steel pipe was used, as well as a robust chassis strong enough for a production model.

1970-1979 – Yamaha 65 years of Innovation, Passion & Inspiration

1970 XS-1

The fact that “2-stroke Yamaha” had produced a 4-stroke, large-displacement motorcycle for the first time had drawn the most attention to the XS-1. Plus, people discovered with delight that this multipurpose, in-line 2-cylinder motorcycle give the light feel of a 350cc bike while being a 650cc. The XS-1 received high marks especially in Europe and the US, where there was a long history of producing large-displacement bikes and where long-established manufacturers had achieved an oligopoly.


The vertical 650cc OHC twin cylinder engine with a slim design on an equally slim double cradle frame was an essential element in the successful building of this “lightweight, slim and compact big-displacement sports model” that excited that much motorcycle customers.

The RD350 model, released in Europe, inspired a boom in one-make races and almost immediately became a massive hit. This motorcycle benefited from a twin powerhouse with Torque Induction that gave Yamaha products more horsepower at all rpm’s. Plus, the pump for Yamaha Autolube gave the engine the ideal oil feed at every speed for top performance, economy and maintenance-free durability. Reigning 250cc Grand Prix World Champion in those days, Jarno Saarinen stated: “Steadfast power development at all speed ranges, sharp acceleration, and dependable braking to match high performance will make this model one of the most popular mediumweight sports bikes on the market”.


The 2-cycle, 7-port Torque Induction model engine with bore & stroke 64 x 54 mm built on the reputation of the RD350 model.The framework was made with a new street alloy for lighter weight and greater strength.

1973 YZ250
The Yamaha YZ250 was the first production model equipped with a Monocross suspension after its proven performance advantages on the factory machine YZM250 (0W12).
作为一个上赢得世界首屈一指的冠军在越野比赛的挑战还没有后来者服用,雅马哈实现了底盘如何 - 特别是和悬架性能 - 在摩托车越野赛是必不可少的。beplay登录不了所以,雅beplay登录不了马哈着手了解新的悬挂相关技术。

After discovery of a single-shock suspension device in Belgium and overcoming numerous other difficult design and engineering problems when implementing a single-shock suspension device, such as lack of machine power, position of the device in relation to the chassis, etc. Yamaha was able to present the 250cc and 125cc factory machines at the 1973 All Japan Motocross Championship season with the new suspension positioned inside the frame under the fuel tank. Revolutionary for that time.




该XT500是一款大单模型两用即迎合狂热的越野爱好者是很享受骑在野外开阔的地形和沙漠的需求。它纳入了划时代的创新技术在各个领域,包括 - 在第一的越野车 - 前倾倒后悬挂。它的高度耐用的发动机具有很强的扭矩和其强大,轻巧,超薄机箱可以处理这样的动力单元的振动。这种组合使它成为一个全才,能够用于日常的差事,以及旅游,使其成为一个受欢迎的选择。该模型瞬间成了大卖家。Also, thanks to the passion of the late Mr. Jean-Claude Oliver, at that time an employee of Yamaha’s French importer Sonauto and who later became the president of Yamaha Motor France, who saw the “Adventure” potential of the model to ride vast, unknown expanses of the African continent. Consequently, the XT500 participated in the first Paris-Dakar rally where Cyril Neveu and Gilles Comte took a 1-2 finish. Of the twenty five motorcycles that participated the following year, eleven of them were XT500. And moreover, XT500 riders, again with Cyril Neveu as winner, swept away the top four places of the race, sparking a desire for adventure with customers.



Market expectations for expansion in motorcycle demand among women provided the backdrop for the creation of the Passol. What emerged from the plan of this product was the priority on a new “step-through” design, which made it easy for women to even wear skirts to ride. Thus, the area around the engine and drive mechanism was covered to prevent clothing from getting dirty. Yamaha succeeded in commercializing the Passol because it had the technical development capability to create a product plan that prioritized design.




1980-1989 -beplay登录不了 雅马哈65年创新,激情与启示

该XT600特纳雷是生产越野模式XT600的修改版本。发动机和悬挂系统的性能进行了升级为速度在巴黎 - 达喀尔拉力赛每年增长更快。自行车自夸保留YDIS(雅马哈双进气系统),所述第一前盘式制动器永远在雅马哈越野模型,一个双臂曲柄Monocrobeplay登录不了ss悬浮液,铝摆臂和更600cc的发动机,并具有非常高的水平可靠性。

The XT600 Ténéré not only became the natural choice of numerous Paris-Dakar racers but also the choice of many general motorcyclists who admired the adventure that the Paris-Dakar symbolized. The Ténéré was the model that best embodied their dreams and would ignite a worldwide boom in machines styled after those competing in the Paris-Dakar. In the ten years following its release, 61,000 XT600 Ténéré bikes were sold in Europe and more than 20,000 were sold in France alone.








1985 1200 VMAX
出生于1985年作为一个新的美国市场模式,Vbeplay登录不了MAX 1200模型首次亮相后不久,赢得了受欢迎后以其独特的造型和其独特的,强大的性能,使其成为一个长期的卖家超过20年。

The VMAX was designed for outstanding performance in straight-line acceleration. It enjoyed a “V-Boost” system, which consists of the opening of butterfly valves in the intake manifold between the 1st and 2nd and between the 3rd and 4th cylinders starting from 5,750 rpm.




This machine had a 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve, V4 engine and a cast aluminium frame.

该BW的50最初是在日本由设想了一个滑板车能去上海滩,在沙滩车的乐趣精神创意团队开发的。为了这个目的,它具有显着的“大轮子”,因此它的名字BW的!它在1988年秋季后期先生让 - 克洛德·奥利维尔,雅马哈法国总统在那个时候,立即被说服了它的市场潜力开张的东京车展,并坚持要得到它在欧洲发售。beplay登录不了勇敢的决定将生产线转移到MBK工厂在法国,在那里生产始于1990年。




BW’s 49cc air-cooled 2-stroke reed-valve engine delivers a punchy performance. In combination with the underbone steel frame and the clever and ‘minimalist’ overall construction, the scooter features a lightweight of only 69 kg, despite the fat tyres and robust build quality.

1989 XTZ750 Super Ténéré
Adventure touring was one of the fastest-growing areas in motorcycling in the 1980s. The XTZ750 Super Ténéré was one of the vanguard bikes in this genre, and the boom in off-road touring owes much to the power and performance of this wonderful twin. However, riders wanted not only the capability to go off-road but the ability to cruise highways while carrying touring equipment and camping gear. This means that even more power and smoothness were needed.



XTZ750超级,拥有四冲程,750 cc,哎C, parallel-twin engine with 5-valve head, liquid cooling and slant-block design. Its frame is of the double-cradle design and is made of high tensile steel; light and strong, it minimizes flexing and ensure handling performance on- and off-road.

1990- 1999年 beplay登录不了- 雅马哈65年创新,激情与启示

这个250 cc的摩托车unprecede触发nted the “big scooter” boom. The high-quality design and onboard comfort like that of a luxury sedan were what cemented the Majesty as the leader in shaping the “big scooter” category. Its designers were involved right from the planning stage, conducting a number of assessments firsthand like commuting from the outskirts into the busy city center by motorcycle and by train. User-friendly features like its ergonomically designed seat, the shape of the adjustable backrest, highly aerodynamic fairing and ample storage space made it an attractive choice even for weekend touring excursions. Sporty riding performance was realized with a newly developed liquid-cooled 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine on a high-rigidity frame, and adopting 12-inch front/rear tires, a telescopic front fork and front disc brake. This machine also had an adjustable backrest, a cowling with highly effective wind protection that ensured riding comfort, convenience with its large amount of storage space and a stylish design.


The Majesty 250 engine’s type is a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, single-cylinder, 249cm³.


在R1的1,000cc,直列4缸发动机有一个非常高的功率输出和快速响应,并且其底盘是非常轻和紧凑。然而,雅beplay登录不了马哈的目标是在一个完全不同的层次:在R1的操控性 - 因为它是“无与伦比的激情”的理念下设计的盘山公路。

Even with aggressive riding, the R1 always felt natural and in tune with the rider’s perceptions. It was easy to control every aspect of its performance. What set the R1 apart from its rivals most was this handling the YZF-R1 boasted a potent combination of excellent cornering performance and beautiful styling. The aftermaths were that the R1 marked the beginning of a new era in the supersport model category, shifting away from the 750cc engines that were the standard for race bikes at the time.


The engine adopted a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 5-valve, in-line 4-cylinder, 998cc engine. Plus, its aluminum Deltabox II frame achieved an ideal chassis layout.

2000-2009 – Yamaha 65 years of Innovation, Passion & Inspiration

2001 TMAX


The upright riding position offered great control of the machine and encouraged an active riding style. Ample comfort and wind protection allowed long trips out of town for leisure use, with or without a passenger.

In short, this scooter was not confined to city/commuting use anymore. The unique and dynamic design with dual headlamps and ‘boomerang’-shaped paneling became iconic.


The horizontal DOHC 2-cylinder 4-valve engine featured a reciprocating piston balancer and automatic CVT transmission. Thus it was smooth, responsive and powerful. The engine was mounted in a high-rigidity diamond type frame with strong, dual-clamped front forks and a motorcycle-type swingarm. (Conventional scooters had single-clamped front forks and incorporated the swingarm and engine into a single unit, resulting in poorer road holding and less feeling of stability). By mounting the engine far in front, the weight distribution was like a motorcycle. Combined with large 14 inch tyres, this resulted in an excellent feel for the road, never seen before on any scooter!

2005 MT-01
从客户来电期待的新车型与乘以在千年开始之际的“成人味”。beplay登录不了雅马哈回答开发MT-01。这种模式是在原有基础上1999年“高堂= MT-01”的概念,高堂是日本字的“心跳”。在MT-01也已经被开发围绕关键词“灵魂节拍V型双缸运动”。目标然后采用最新技术,整个生产这种“终极嗜好机”。它标志着被称为一个新的领域创造“MT的世界里,”谁赢得赞赏“极致品味”,它交付的新客户。


所述MT-01安装一个新开发的空冷1,670cc OHV V型双缸发动机。该发动机设有四个阀和每缸两个火花塞,镀汽缸壁,锻造活塞和单坡屋顶设计燃烧室。以97 X113毫米孔x冲程和8.36的压缩比:1,该发动机在4750转和最大达到最大功率输出。扭矩3750转。新设计的铝压铸帧通过。它结构是在刚刚两点组件螺栓连接在一起,在头管中的前部和枢轴组件在后方,从而消除了通常的焊接,需要一个简单的两部分(右 - 左)单元。


2010-2019 -beplay登录不了 雅马哈65年创新,激情与启示

2010 EC-03
Leaders in a variety of fields are working to solve environmental problems and improve economic efficiency for the society of tomorrow by clustering or dispersing urban activity into a new structure, in which vehicles are used more selectively than they are. Small motorcycles offer excellent mobility for easy short-distance transportation, ideal for the transportation needs of the new society. They will provide still greater convenience and ease of use when they are powered by electricity. It is with this idea kept in mind that the Yamaha released its new electric commuter “EC-03,” a model designed and engineered with the product concept of a “Smart Minimal Commuter.”




The super-slim power unit YIPU (Yamaha Integrated Power Unit) is adopted on this model. Combined with the aluminum-alloy frame, it gives to the machine lightweight that improves the maneuvering and feeling of comfort. The slim chassis and design contribute to provide an aesthetic lightness as well.

2014 MT-09




Urban centers around the world face chronic traffic congestion and a lack of parking spaces. In light of these problems, people have long depended on scooters and small motorcycles for personal mobility. It led to more and more calls for new types of commuter vehicles that would be easy to ride, even for people with no riding experience. This is what conveyed Yamaha to release the Tricity commuter vehicle as its first model featuring its Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW) design.







高端YZF-R1M设有轻便铸铝轮毂,一个奥林斯电子控制悬架和ERS(电动赛车悬挂),轻质碳整流罩和是标准配备有CCU(通信控制单元) - 一个数字接口,记录有价值赛车信息。




beplay登录不了雅马哈的工程师们已经竭尽全力,以确保丹尼肯的性质类似于传统的摩托车。广大车友能够从两轮车到雅马哈斜塔多惠勒*系统的无缝转换,而无需改变自己的驾驶风格。beplay登录不了然而,一旦他们进入一个角落,丹尼肯的车手会觉得自信和享受不断增长的水平 - 用更少的压力,提供更多的乐趣。


The NIKEN has received the “Best of the Best” in the globally-renowned Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019 competition.

* LMW是注册雅马哈商标为三个或多个车轮,beplay登录不了可以通过像摩托车角落瘦车辆。


This bike features a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve, in-line, 847cc, 3-cylinder CP3 engine and a lightweight but sturdy hybrid chassis composed of steel and aluminium.

beplay登录共有摩托车要感谢雅马哈与你鼓舞本周的启示周五故事分享,并希beplay登录不了望雅马哈另一个伟大的雅马哈65年创新,激情与灵感的!发现更多雅马哈历史在他们beplay登录不了EU Website

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