周五的启示: The Motorcycle That Inspired Riders to Win 26 WorldSBK Races

周五的启示: The Motorcycle That Inspired Riders to Win 26 WorldSBK Races

周五的启示: The Motorcycle That Inspired Riders to Win 26 WorldSBK Races

有没有替代的位移和beplay登录不了本大写在1999年他们的第一个大V型双1000cc的赛车手。它有这样的容易,交付能力。它是这样一个简单的自行车骑相比四缸发动机。beplay登录不了本田从来就不是一个缺乏公司的野心和它采取了启发的能量和火花的制造商,技术合作伙伴,团队和骑手的每焦耳不得不做的结果肯定。每个人都有相当多的全权。我们赢了WorldSBK,我们击败杜卡迪和自行车是真棒!最后,在三年后得到充分WorldSBK竞争RC51积累了26场胜利,另外30米领奖台的地方,两名车手锦标赛冠军,在2000年和2002年与科林·爱德华兹。RC51,摩托车启发车手来运26 WorldSBK比赛。


周五的启示: The Motorcycle That Inspired Riders to Win 26 WorldSBK Races


2000年,他们所有的最大的日本厂商采用了1000cc的V型双缸发动机的配置,相同的基本格式,他们的主要对手WorldSBK - 杜卡迪 - 一直使用到很久以前WorldSBK党曾在1988年正式启动如此巨大的影响。

In reality, the Honda VTR1000SP1 was a very different design to the Desmodromic, 90° belt-driven ‘laid down L’ of the Ducati.

其原因为日本双晶石铝的诞生框架90°V型双缸很简单。Having won the Superbike Riders’ Championship with Fred Merkel and the RC30 (twice), then John Kocinski and the RC45 as recently as 1997, the writing was on the wall for the whole era of 750cc four-cylinders being competitive against bigger-bore twins. Even the title-winning Honda V-fours.

Aprilia, another Italian marque which competed against Honda in the smaller GP classes, had already jumped on the big V-twin bandwagon as they entered WorldSBK full of ambition in 1999. Even little Bimota had hybridized their small-production run Italian philosophy with a V-twin Suzuki engine for the 2000 WorldSBK season.

Despite all this V-twin momentum building up elsewhere it must have taken a degree of deep thought – even a corporate deep breath – before the go-ahead was given to abandon the much-loved V-four configuration Honda had made their own trademark for many years. Especially given that any racing version of the new road going V-twin would be an instant technical challenge against the prime exponents of theV-由于art, Ducati.


周五的启示: The Motorcycle That Inspired Riders to Win 26 WorldSBK Races



New Zealander Aaron Slight, and the eventual double World Champion Colin Edwards, were the first to transition from fours to twins in Honda’s full HRC Castrol Honda team, based in the UK but very much a direct factory effort from Japan. With Showa suspension and Nissin brakes on the racebike, it was all very Japanese indeed.

爱德华兹,德克萨斯州人,从头部到脚趾,就知道在本田的时间点 - 或者任何人 - 大概需要一个双赢的基础上,任何形式的赛车运动beplay登录不了中的至少一个中心真理。

“The old saying goes that there is no replacement for displacement, and that still stands true,” said Edwards, 20 years after he won the first of his two WorldSBK crowns. And it was not just a cubed route to success for the larger twin, it was also its very nature compared to a high-revving 750 four. “The thing with the twin was that it was like riding a Supersport bike,” remembers Edwards. “It had such easy, deliverable power. There was no ‘hit’ – you could do it in your sleep. It was such an easy bike to ride compared to the four-cylinders.”

爱德华兹已经皈依了1000cc的双胞胎之前,他甚至得到了一个他自己,甚至在他的前RC45 V-四天,似乎。“在我加入本田我与雅马哈,我对他们beplay登录不了说,‘让我们建立一个双胞胎!’”说beplay登录不了科林。“后来,当我加入了本田,他们决定他们要做beplay登录不了到这一点,所以很明显我们很高兴这件事,知道什么本田做电机。他们有能力来提取大量的电力出它和我们很兴奋。”

Edwards first got confirmation that the VTR1000SP1 was on the way as early as 1998, and first rode it in early 1999.

“我们听说在1998年,他们建造它,”他说,“我们去测试它在澳大利亚,菲利普岛和东部小河 - 我认为 - 1999年2月这是整整一年,他们甚至还把自行车之前。我就在菲利普岛双骑两天。自行车是缓慢的方式;正是在那个时候有点生产方式和它没有任何套件它来发言。但是,我们的圈速有关RC45之后的第二三季度,我想说,我们打算约20-25kmph慢下来是笔直的。我们知道这是缓慢的,只是因为他们没有任何时间去发展它。我们知道我们可以得到更多的力量出来,但当时我们刚开始摆弄加油和映射。”

周五的启示: The Motorcycle That Inspired Riders to Win 26 WorldSBK Races


“The twins were definitely easier on tyres, but at that time we were going through – I am not going to say a transition – but there was so much development going on with Michelin at that time,” confirmed Edwards, who was the fastest test rider imaginable for Michelin in those heady days before single make tyre regulations became almost ubiquitous in most championships. Tailored options were the norm. “Everybody was on different casings and different rubber… everybody had pretty much carte blanche. It was sort of, ‘try this one and if it doesn’t work try that one.’ Then they would come over and say, ‘Fogarty likes this one, why don’t you try this one?’ You did not have two or three to choose from, like nowadays. It was quite different back in the day.”

Another pleasant characteristic of the new V-twin was that it was less finicky in its basic on-track preparation. “It was definitely easier to set-up,” said Colin.

But despite all the new things to understand, and while trying to race to win the title during a season in which nine different riders on seven different makes of machine won races, Honda’s brand new V-twin and Edwards had still secured the Riders’ Championship. They took eight race wins along the way, including the first and last of the season. A shift to 1000cc had led to 400 championship-winning points.

“The Motorcycle That Inspired Riders to Win 26 WorldSBK Races”

这是顶级团队合作,一个艰难但最终奖励首个赛季的VTR SP1之后。为了是的查询在2000年更多的人或机器,爱德华兹说:“我认为这是两件事。”他肯定是准备彻底赢得尽可能多的新自行车了。“我完成了第二年之前,我一直在改善一年按一年。我骑马的水平是越来越顶端水平并准备争夺冠军。与此同时,我们带出了自行车是比较容易兜风,但绝不是完美的。我想说的SP2是完美的。这是一个伟大的自行车。在SP1 ......我们确实有玩弄它。这是不是就像每场比赛是真棒。”

周五的启示: The Motorcycle That Inspired Riders to Win 26 WorldSBK Races


“It was stressful!” agreed Colin. “We had that tyre thing going on, and then you would show up at Sugo or Donington, or anywhere where Dunlop were on point and there was nothing you could do. We did have bad weekends and you just had to come out of a bad weekend the best you could.”

限制的测试他能做啊n WorldSBK circuits, Edwards made the most of his other riding opportunities, especially in France. “I think that was around the time that you had two allocated test tracks, and we did more tests at Clermont-Ferrand for Michelin than anywhere,” remembers Colin. “We could not have done without that.”

After the then all-time WorldSBK great Carl Fogarty (Ducati) had been eliminated from 2000 season and then his career through a nasty shoulder injury, Edwards’ was given no respite in his title charge after Noriyuki Haga and his homologation special Yamaha found their stride.

“The first race, in South Africa, I won. Haga was right there with me; and Fogarty. In the second race Haga just cleared off – by seconds. He was gone and I was riding my ass off. It was just weird; why had he not done that in the first race? A setting change, whatever, I dunno? But it was a little bit abnormal I thought at the time.

“At Brands Hatch all I had to do was to have, I think, two tenth places, even if they had not taken those points away, so it was in the back of my mind. It was Brands Hatch and I usually won there, so I was not really stressed.”

In the final chapter of a multi-venue rolling fairytale, Honda’s first WorldSBK V-twin and Edwards won the title, and would do so again on the subsequent SP2 in 2002. But it was that first winning season in 2000 that blew everybody’s mind, even if it took every joule of energy and spark of inspiration the manufacturer, technical partners, team and rider had to make the outcome certain.

“阿德里安·戈斯特是我的乘务长,自1998年以来,他一直和尼尔Tuxworth带领球队 - 我们有一个非常好的工作人员,”爱德华兹肯定。

周五的启示: The Motorcycle That Inspired Riders to Win 26 WorldSBK Races

“Honda put in a lot that year, I would say a full factory effort. We had some Japanese staff come around race-by-race. As far as the amount of effort that was put in I would say maximum. There was nothing that we were missing. That was also the first year that me and Valentino Rossi did the Suzuka 8-Hour. So all of this went into developing the bike – it was a big, big effort on the twin that year.”

Edwards continues “We won WorldSBK, we beat Ducati and the bike was awesome, but the 2002 bike was even way better. It was a development thing. We did the whole first two years with the SP1, found out where our weaknesses were, where we could make it better, and built that into the 2002 models. That is just R&D, but from where they started in 2000, obviously they started at a really good spot – and we won the championship.”

最后,在RC51是该摩托车启发车手来运26 WorldSBK赛在三年后得到充分WorldSBK竞争积累了26场胜利,另外30米领奖台的地方,两名车手锦标赛冠军,在2000年和2002年与科林·爱德华兹。

beplay登录共有摩托车要感谢本田激励我们为您带来本周的周五灵感故事(摩beplay登录不了托车启发车手来运26 WorldSBK赛)给你,我们的读者!每个星期总有摩托车为beplay登录你每星期(每天),所以回来仅增加了车友新的独特内容的新的励志故事!

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