周五的启示: Harley-Davidson No Show 3 hours of Acts, Builders, Bikes & Entertainment

周五的启示: Harley-Davidson No Show 3 hours of Acts, Builders, Bikes & Entertainment

周五的启示: Harley-Davidson No Show 3 hours of Acts, Builders, Bikes & Entertainment


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周五的启示: Harley-Davidson No Show 3 hours of Acts, Builders, Bikes & Entertainment

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发布者beplay登录on Saturday, July 18, 2020


周五的启示2020Tokyo Olympics, Harley-Davidson Customized Bikes and Skateboards

beplay登陆HARLEY-DAVIDSON HOSTS“无显示”聚光灯定制摩托车表演和建筑工地


MILWAUKEE (June 15, 2020) – Harley-Davidson Motor Company presentsThe No Show,进行为期一周的网上摩托车展,汇集了哈雷戴维森的全球社区。beplay登陆

Hosted on Harley-Davidson’s Instagram account now through June 21st,The No Show拥有来自10个国家60名建设者,从推迟未来的建设者的一半妈妈试着,众复古自行车及汽车生而自由摩托车表演。剩下的工匠和妇女被哈雷戴维森邀请和跨越一系列风格,时代和地域的。beplay登陆这些自行车将分批每天铺开了五天在周末被给予了奖励。

Those who visitThe No Showcan scroll through the array of bikes and tap into their favorites where they’ll see a personal video of each builder walking them through his or her masterpiece. Dotted throughout the bikes will be all the nuts and bolts of every motorcycle show—music, merch, and awards. After checking out custom builds, attendees can scroll to the virtual “stage” to listen to acoustic sets by The White Buffalo, Hollis Brown, and The Kenneth Brian Band. There is also a “merch booth” featuring ultra-limited-editionTheNo Showt-shirts.


The No Showis a platform that provides everyone from enthusiasts to new riders a place to converge and celebrate the diverse artistry that comes with custom builds,” said Patrick Holly, brand director at Harley-Davidson Motor Company. “As a way to show our gratitude to the builders that helped makeThe No Showpossible, 100 percent of show t-shirt sales will go directly to each invited builder.”

On the last day of the show, Sunday, June 21st, three builders are to be recognized for their achievements in ingenuity, artistry, self-expression, and ability to pave a new road in customization. One winner will be selected from each of the following categories to receive a one-of-a-kind award created by Harley-Davidson designers:

  • 媒体Choice Award:选择和行业领先的摩托车刊物的记者介绍。
  • H-dStyling & Design Award:选择和布拉德·理查兹,在哈雷戴维森造型和设计的副总裁和长期车库建设者提出。beplay登陆
  • 哈雷-Davidson Museum Award:由博物馆的工作人员选择和比尔·戴维森,哈雷戴维森博物馆的副总裁和哈雷戴维森的联合创始人威廉·戴维森的曾孙呈现。beplay登陆

抓住The No Showthrough June 21ston Harley-Davidson’sInstagram并按照沿TwitterFacebook的赶上独家节目内容。


Since 1903, Harley-Davidson has stood for the timeless pursuit of adventure and delivered freedom for the soul with an expanding range of leading-edge, distinctive and customized motorcycles in addition to riding experiences and exceptional motorcycle accessories, riding gear and apparel.


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